Tourismus Stadt Emmendingen (Druckversion)

The Eichberg Tower

The Eichberg Belvedere is located on the 369 m high hill named « Eichberg » north of Emmendingen. The tower is 48,19 meters high. It is the highest belvedere of Baden- Württemberg and is very well visible from all around the city.

Whether you are following the ‘‘Vierburgenweg‘‘ trail or the family forest trail  ‘’Wieselweg’’, just going for a walk or a member of an excursion group : when you have climbed the 240 steps and reached the top of the belvedere you will enjoy a breathtaking panorama view over Freiamt, the Rohrhard Mountain, the Kandel Mountain, the entire Black Forest Ridge reaching the Isteiner Klotz, the Swiss Jura Mountains, the Vosges Mountains and the Kaiserstuhl.