Tourismus Stadt Emmendingen (Druckversion)

Parking facilities for camping cars

30 parking spaces are available for campers travelling with camping cars / RVs. They are situated in a calm area opposite the public outdoor swimming  pool and right next to a sports center and a restaurant.

These parking facilities are equipped with a sewage and waste disposal point, fee of 0,50 €. Fresh water is available there for a fee of 1 €.

Camping cars can weigh over 3,5 t and be even longer than 10 meters. However, there is a maximum stay of 3 days. From 01.01.2020 a daily fee of 7 € per pitch will be charged.

Guests can access the internet and use free WLAN by using the code „EM-Wifi“.

The historic center of Emmendingen is just  a 10 minute walk away.

Regulations for the use of the motorhome pitch

Parking facilities in Emmendingen
Parking facilities in Emmendingen